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St. James' Church Finances

An update from Rev'd. Rachel Noël.

Following last week's announcement, this is to flag the extent of our financial

situation at St James. I need to ask you all for your help. Many assume that the church is funded centrally, that we receive money a bit like the council to do our work. That is not the case, all of our work here is paid for by our local community, by those that worship here and support our work.

We really want the church here to be able to continue, to be at the heart of our community at St James– but it currently costs us more each month to run this church, than we receive.  I recognise that this season is challenging for everyone, some are affected more than others by the cost of living rises.

If you are able to, please consider giving generously to us today. You can find further information on our Giving page, or please talk to one of us after service if you’d like to explore other options to support our work.

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