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If you come to a St James’ Family Service (always the first Sunday of the month) you will experience a fun and friendly time. The Kidz Worship team are involved with the music and drama and lead the service. The service is a short one with music for everyone which is accompanied by the band and our children’s singing group called the Scallopinis.


We hope to bring worship that’s uplifting, welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

The Scallopini choir have children from 3 years to 16 and if you are in that age range and enjoy singing then please get in touch. That’s all you have to do! We would love you to join us. 

Please use the Contact Form if you would like any further information, and one of our team will be in touch.

Our Kidz Worship Leaders:


Ceri Shepherd

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Jo Uzzell

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Bianca Atie

Photos from the recent Christingle Service, 9th January 2021...


The following photos were taken at the Kidz Worship Nativity, 5th December 2021...