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Eco Church

Climate change hits hardest the poorest countries and poorest people of the world, and it is our responsibility to safeguard God's creation and achieve a just world. The Church of England Environment Programme exists to help us with this responsibility and the Eco Church scheme is a way to get all parts of our church life working to care for creation.

Eco Church is a scheme run by A Rocha UK equipping churches to care for God's creation through their worship, buildings, land, community engagement, and individual lifestyles. Furthermore, by completing an online survey, churches can be considered for an Eco Church Award at either Bronze, Silver, or Gold level.

There are five areas that a church must demonstrate environmental engagement in order to receive an award:

  1. Worship and teaching

    • Embedding creation care in worship, prayer and learning

  2. Management of church buildings

    • Finding energy efficient and innovative ways to manage our places of worship

  3. Management of church land

    • Nurturing spaces for people and nature

  4. Community and global engagement

    • Transforming local and global communities and ecosystems

  5. Lifestyle

    • Living joyfully and sustainably as followers of Christ

Eco Church is a current agenda item for our PCC meetings, and our Eco Champions have begun to assess the Eco Church survey and develop plans in order to help our church become more eco-aware and eco-friendly.

You will be hearing more over the coming weeks and months... In the meantime you can view more information about Eco Church from this link:

Plus here is a link to one of their promotional videos:

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