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Inclusion & Neurodiversity

In Rachel's sermon last Sunday (16th October 2022) she talked about her work with Inclusive Church on their annual Disability Conference. If you'd like to know more about it, or look back at content from previous years, please check out:

If you'd like to see the film of Rachel, that she mentioned in her sermon, as a storyteller at St Martin in the Fields, it can be found on the Inclusive Church YouTube channel:

You'll have probably worked out that Rachel is passionate about valuing people, in all our glorious diversity. She is open about her own lived experience of mental health and neurodiversity, and has work published in various spheres around this.

For an interview with BBC Radio Solent, about being a vicar living with ADHD:

Rachel writes an occasional blog at, often accompanied by paintings/ creative musings. This is a blog she wrote last year, called parallel lives, about the different ways people react to difference.

Rachel has taken part in and supported a number of webinars with HeartEdge. (HeartEdge is an international, ecumenical movement galvanising churches to be at the heart of their communites, while being with those on the edge.) The series is called Shut In, Shut Out, Shut Up - exploring neurodiversity, church, disability, faith, intersectionality. This is a link to many of the films in that series, including ones that Rachel has been involved with:

If you're interested in reading a longer piece, this is a paper that Rachel wrote, that was published this year in the CMS Anvil journal, called: "Theology at the borders of psychosis: transcendence of the artificial borders of sanity, ableism and the implications for practical ministry"

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