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A 'Thank You' from Rev'd Rachel Noël

Thank you all so much for making me and my family feel welcome in this parish. A particular thank you to our churchwardens Val and Carolyn, who have worked so hard throughout the vacancy - and with helping to sort out the vicarage through a challenging renovation project that has been taking place.

Thank you to everyone that worked so hard last Sunday to welcome so many people into the church, with harvest and parade, and then all the visitors for my licensing service. So many of my friends and family have commented on the warmth of welcome, the kindness and acceptance that they experienced. It was such a lovely touch to walk through the door and find so many of you wearing pink too! Please don't feel that you always have to wear pink! My hope is that you will all feel comfortable to wear your own favourite colours, clothes and shoes to church, to come as you are.

It's a little bit of a slow start for me here in the parish, as we continue to finish with the building works at the vicarage, to get our home and my office unpacked and sorted out. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, to hearing your stories, to understanding the community here, and to supporting you in realising your hopes and dreams for the church, school, preschool and community here in Pokesdown. If you want to chat, please do get in touch. Please be patient with me as I get to know you, and humour me as I will keep asking you to remind me of your names - if I start calling you by a name that isn't yours, please do correct me and help me to learn your real names!

Best wishes,


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