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Family Service to celebrate Christingle and Epiphany

Come along on the 9th January, 10:00, and receive a traditional Christingle orange and then enjoy coffee and cake after the service.

Christingle has become a major fundraising event for The Children's Society.

The Society provides specialist support that empowers young people to make positive changes and rediscover their hope; shining light into the darkness of their lives.


All donations received will be given to

The Children's Society.


The custom of Christingles comes from the Moravian church and since the latter part of the twentieth century has become a part of how many churches mark the season (though Christingle services make take place before or after Christmas).

Its success stems from The Children's Society who encourage and resource churches and schools around the country to hold Christingle services. 


What the Christingle Means

  • The lit candle represents Jesus being light in the world

  • The orange represents the world

  • The red ribbon represents the blood of Christ

  • The sweets represent all of God’s creations


Photos from the recent Christingle Service, 9th January 2021...

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